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Virtual Lab Photo

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July 2020

Fun Times in the Ginty Lab

Sebastian is holiday ready

Sebastian showing off his holiday spirit!

Shan demonstrates coathanger reflex

Shan demonstrates the coat hanger reflex in the Ginty Lab's somatosensory show-and-tell!

Amira at Emmanuel College's Distinction

Amira presenting her research at Emmanuel College's Distinction Day, with Michelle and Aniqa nearby


Stuart and Ally having fun and climbing trees at a local park

Genelle and Chara at the Frida Kahlo eve

Genelle and Chara at the Frida Kahlo event night at MoFA

Ally & Kate

Ally and Katelyn on a cool summer hike

Lab members skiing

Stuart, Chara, Katelyn, and a friend after skiing in Western MA!

Lab members celebrate Qiyu's birthday at Hojok

Lab members celebrating Qiyu's birthday with a big smoothie


David witnessed a water main break!!!

wolfson-ginty (17 of 36)

Rachel and David joking around

Qiyu with beer hour dog

Qiyu with Department Beer Hour dog

20180220 bowling

Bowling is fun!


Happy trio of Chara, Genelle, and Rachel


Anda and Vicky posing with Jason Segal!

Group photo at a department party!

Group photo at a department party


Halloween pumpkin carving competition!

Qiyu and Mark having fun

Qiyu and Mark having fun


Visiting undergrad Dhane poses for a photo with Katelyn, Shan, Chara, and David

Ginty Lab throughout the years

May 2016
DRG neuron